Sarah Neofield is an Australian writer of literary satire, a linguist, and world traveler.

She writes books that make you laugh – and then think!

Her debut novel, Number Eight Crispy Chicken (2020) follows the misadventures of an immigration minister stranded in a foreign airport. It’s available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, or iBooks, and in paperback!

Propaganda Wars (2021) is the tale of an advertising executive and a propagandist who trade places for a week – and discover that things over the wall are nothing like they imagined.

In Sarah’s most recent novel, AutoCEO (2022), a powerful executive who boasts of the number of jobs he has managed to outsource and automate away discovers that he has been replaced – and must prove, in a court of law, that he is more human than a machine.

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