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Lucky Numbers & Special Burgers: Stranded in the airport

Cultures all around the world have different “lucky” and “unlucky” numbers. That’s something I read a lot about when I was writing my post on luck for my finance blog, enrichmentality.com

In China and Japan, for example, the number four is considered unlucky, because it sounds like the word for death. In many Western countries, thirteen is the most commonly reported unlucky number – to the extent it has a recognised phobia associated with it – ‘triskaidekaphobia’.

Some people are so superstitious about these numbers it’s not uncommon to find buildings that skip the fourth or the thirteenth floor – or both!

When it comes to “lucky” numbers, again, there are differences around the world. While seven is considered lucky in many English-speaking places, the lucky number in Chinese-speaking circles tends to be one higher – eight.

But the name of my forthcoming satirical novel Number Eight Crispy Chicken (while I hope it enjoys good fortune!) has nothing to do with the lucky number eight. In fact, the title was inspired by (what I thought at the time) was a stroke of bad luck! Continue reading “Lucky Numbers & Special Burgers: Stranded in the airport”