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While the characters and stories of Peter and Jeremy, along with the institutions depicted in Number Eight Crispy Chicken are entirely fictitious, the plight of those detained indefinitely is all too real. You may be surprised to learn that the facts and statistics mentioned in the novel are, tragically, based on real-life policies and events (although the time frames and persons involved have been changed).

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My aims in writing Number Eight Crispy Chicken were twofold.

First, I wanted to draw new voices into the conversation about the right to seek asylum. To date, there have been many excellent books – both by single authors and collections – which have described the experiences of being a refugee. I am incredibly grateful to these authors, whose writings shaped my own, and which you will find links to in the list below. (I have no financial interest in promoting these books, all links are to a comparison website which will help you find the best deal dependent on your location)

While these books are hugely important, I wanted to reach out to an audience who might not typically pick up a book about or by asylum seekers or refugees. Someone who is not already dedicated to the cause. Using humor, my goal was to draw new voices into the conversation – and to provide a gateway to some of the narratives from asylum seekers listed below.

Secondly, I wanted to provide an alternative to the constant drip feed of bad news. Every day, it seems, our news feeds are filled with disturbing stories, both of the atrocities millions of people are forced to flee, and of the horrors that all too often await them when they arrive at what should be a safe haven. Paradoxically, it is precisely because these stories are so frequent that we have become immune to them. Rather than seeing all of these disturbing stories culminate in the nightmare that is indefinite detention, we instead become inoculated against the normal reactions we would have to hearing the news that a child has drowned, been locked up in a cage, or taken their own life out of desperation.

Furthermore, in an era of 24-hour news cycles and social media, with tweets of 140 characters shaping the traditional press and articles literally being written as they are published, there is little attention paid to context. The history of decisions and prejudices, the way in which the curtailing of one group’s liberties impacts us all, and the relationship between yesterday’s decisions and today’s tragedies all get lost in an environment in which readers’ attention to news items is measured in seconds. It is for these reasons that I decided to compress the past two decades of asylum-seeker policy into a single 24-hour period, in the form of a novel.

Writing any book – fiction or non-fiction – necessarily involves some level of selection, and in the case of Number Eight Crispy Chicken’s timeline, an amalgamation of people and events. Here you can discover more about the events as actually reported on in the media, in the words of the asylum seekers, politicians, and activists involved themselves.

These resources are categorised by topic, and listed in chronological order within each category.

History and timelines

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (2016) Timeline of Events (ASRC)

SBS News (2017) Timeline of Manus Island detention centre (SBS)

Baker, Nick (2019) A history of Australia’s offshore detention policy (SBS News)

Australia’s asylum seeker policy

Victorian Refugee Health Network (1998-2018) Nutritional assessment (adapted from Promoting Refugee Health: A guide for doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers caring for people from refugee backgrounds 3rd ed,) (

Monash University (2000-present) Australian Border Deaths Database (Monash University)

ABC News (2001) Asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat to be resettled in Papua New Guinea (ABC)

White, Michael (2002) M/V Tampa Incident and Australia’s Obligations (Maritime Studies)

Newland, Kathleen (2003) Troubled Waters: Rescue of asylum seekers and refugees at sea (Migration Policy Institute)

Hawley, Samantha (2006) Burmese asylum seekers likely to achieve refugee status (ABC radio AM)

Skehan, Craig (2007) Pacific Solution ends but tough stance to remain (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Governments of Australia and Nauru (2012) Memorandum of Understandingand (2013) Memorandum of Understanding

Four Corners (2013) No Advantage (ABC)

Australia Associated Press (2014) UN torture committee grills Australia on conditions in Manus and Nauru detention centres (The Guardian)

Siegel, Matt (2013) Australia Adopts Tough Measures to Curb Asylum Seekers (The New York Times)

Wroe, David & Gordon, Michael (2013) Motion passed to force Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to report asylum-seeker incidents at sea (The Age)

Australian Human Rights Commission (2014) The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention (

Phillips, Janet (2014) A comparison of Coalition and Labor government asylum policies in Australia since 2001 (Parliament of Australia)

Brown, Pauline (2015) Immigration: Australia’s response to a humanitarian question (

Gordon, Michael et. al. (former employees from the Nauru detention centre) (2015) An open letter to the Australian people (Australian Association of Social Workers)

ABC News (2016) What are the secrecy provisions of the Border Force Act? (ABC)

Anderson, Stephanie; Keany, Francis; Tlozek, Eric & Sami, Mandie (2016) Malcolm Turnbull, Peter Dutton announce refugee resettlement deal with US (ABC News)

Assembly of Delegates of PEN International (2016) Resolution on Australia (PEN International)

Gleeson, Madeline (2016) Offshore: Behind the Wire on Manus and Nauru (New South Publishing)

Pacific Media Centre (2016) Aus ban on refugees goes against international law, NGO says (Evening Report)

Anderson, Stephanie & Doyle, Julie (2017) Nauru and Manus Island refugees yet to be vetted under US-Australia deal (ABC News)

Broadbent, Russell (2017) ‘Enough’: Russell Broadbent calls on parliament to act on Manus and Nauru after US deal (The Guardian)

Burnside, Julian (2017) (

Packham, Colin & Bunch, Aaron (2017) Scores of detained asylum seekers take Australian cash and return home (Reuters)

Dziedzic, Stephen (2018) US to partner with Australia, Papua New Guinea on Manus Island naval base (ABC News)

Karapanagiotidis, Kon (2018) The Power of Hope (Harper Collins)

Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law (2018) Australia-Cambodia agreement for refugees in Nauru(University of New South Wales)

Kwai, Isabella (2019) Australia to allow medical evacuation for Nauru and Manus Island detainees (The New York Times)

Murphy, Katharine (2019) Nine facts about the medical evacuation bill (The Guardian)

Procter, Nicholas & Kenny, Mary Anne (2019) Explainer: how will the ‘medevac’ bill actually affect ill asylum seekers? (The Conversation)

Refugee Council of Australia (2019) Offshore processing statistics and Operation Sovereign Borders(

Remeikis, Amy (2019) Australia must use past success to reset future asylum policy, professor says (The Guardian)

Refugee Action Coalition (n.d.) Manus and Nauru (

Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law (2019) Australia-United States Resettlement Agreement (University of New South Wales)

Commercial interests

Keane, Bernard (2011) Cost of detention? $113,000 per asylum seeker (Crikey)

Merope, Sienna (2013) The economic cost of our asylum seeker policy (Right Now)

Alexander, Cathy (2014) Meet the companies that run our immigration detention camps (Crikey)

Farrell, Paul (2014) Manus Island and Nauru centres to be run by Transfield in $1.2bn deal (The Guardian)

Asylum Insight (2016) Private contractors at onshore and offshore processing centres(

White, Alan (2016) Shadow State: Inside the secret companies that run Britain (Oneworld)

Amnesty International (2017) Ferrovial continues to build a fortune on refugees’ despair (

Davidson, Helen (2018) Brisbane construction firm Canstruct made $43 million profit running Nauru detention centre last year (The Guardian)

Doherty, Ben (2018) Dutton refuses Senate order to release details of refugee service contracts on Manus (The Guardian)

Boochani, Behrouz (2019) The Paladin scandal is only a drop in the ocean of corruption on Manus and Nauru (The Guardian)

Davidson, Helen & Knaus, Christopher (2019) Paladin staff on Manus walk off job over pay and working conditions (The Guardian)

Grigg, Angus; Murray, Lisa; Shapiro, Jonathan (2019) Home Affairs ran closed tenders for Paladin’s lucrative Manus security contracts (Australian Financial Review)

Grigg, Angus; Shapiro, Jonathan & Murray, Lisa (2019) Cashing in on refugees, duo make $20 million a month at Manus Island (Australian Financial Review)

Knaus, Christopher; Togiba, Lyanne & Davidson, Helen (2019) Asylum seekers say Paladin is doing ‘nothing’ for its $423m Manus Island deal (The Guardian)

Shapiro, Jonathan; Murray, Lisa & Grigg, Angus (2019) Petter Dutton had ‘no sight’ of Manus contractor Paladin (Australian Financial Review)

Refugee Action Coalition (n.d.) Detention costs (

Wilson Security (n.d.) Nauru and Manus Island Fact Sheet (

Media, rhetoric and censorship

Hamilton, Clive & Maddison, Sarah (eds) (2007) – Silencing Dissent: How the Australian Government is Controlling Public Opinion and Stifling Debate (Allen & Unwin)

Clark, Tom (2013) Calling a boat person a spade: Australia’s asylum seeker rhetoric (The Conversation)

Laughland, Oliver (2013) Scott Morrison defends vow of silence on asylum seeker boat arrivals (The Guardian)

Anderson, Stephanie (2014) Morrison mute on reported asylum seeker handover (SBS News)

Swan, Johnathan (2014) Nauru to charge Australians $8000 to report on asylum seekers (Sydney Morning Herald)

Farrell, Paul (2015) Detention centre staff speak out in defiance of new asylum secrecy laws (The Guardian)

Newman, Louise (2015) Detention gag orders make it impossible for doctors to do their job (The Conversation)

Burnside, Julian (2015) Politicians ignore questions about detention of refugees (

Chalmers, Max (2016) Nauruan Consulate contradicts Peter Dutton over who is keeping Aussies out of Nauru (New Matilda)

Hamad, Ruby (2016) Dehumaniation 101: The tactic that explains why we are turning our backs on asylum seekers (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Huctchens, Gareth (2017) Dutton retreats on offshore detention secrecy rules that threaten workers with jail (The Guardian)

Pearman, April (2017) Australian immigration detention and the silencing of practitioners (Torture, vol 27 no 3)

Robinson-Drawbridge, Benjamin (2017) Behrouz Boochani – ‘I will not be silent’ (RNZ)

Holmes, Jonathan (2019) On Aunty (Melbourne University Publishing)

History and culture of Manus

Chandler, Jo (2014) Welcome to Manus, the island that has been changed forever by Australian asylum-seeker policy (The Guardian)

Detention on Manus

Cullen, Simon (2012) First asylum seekers arrive on Manus Island (ABC News)

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (2015) Manus Island Detention Centre (ASRC)

Anderson, Stephanie (2016) Manus Island detention centre to be shut, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says (ABC News)

Doherty, Ben (2015) Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Behrouz Boochani – detained on Manus Island (The Guardian)

Doherty, Ben (2015) Manus Island: violent clashes break out between PNG police and detainees (The Guardian)

Boochani, Behrouz (2016) The day my friend Hamid Kehazaei died (The Guardian)

Doherty, Ben (2016) Australia confirms Manus Island immigration detention centre will close (The Guardian)

Hill, Bruce (2016) Two men jailed for murdering asylum seeker Reza Barati in Manus Island (ABC Pacific Beat)

Tlozek, Eric (2016) PNG’s Supreme Court rules detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island is illegal (ABC News)

ABC News (2017) Manus Island: PNG authorities move in and tell men to leave detention centre (ABC)

Armbruster, Stefan (2017) Fifty years in the making: Refugees in Australia’s first Manus camp offered PNG citizenship (SBS News)

Australian Government Department of Home Affairs (2017) Manus Regional Processing Centre (

BBC News (2017) Manus Island: Refugees refuse to leave Australian camp amid safety fears (BBC)

BBC News (2017) Manus: Timeline of controversial Australian detention centre (BBC)

Burnside, Julian (2017) PNG Navy shoots refugees on Manus (

Burnside, Julian (2017) Refugees left homeless as Manus Camp demolished (

Davidson, Helen (2017) Manus humanitarian crisis a ‘damning indictment’ of Australia’s refugee policy: UNHCR (The Guardian)

Davidson, Helen (2017) Manus Standoff: Papua New Guinea’s grand chief says Australia’s hypocrisy ‘astounding’ (The Guardian)

Davidson, Helen & Wahlquist, Calla (2017) Power shut off to final Manus compounds as 600 men refuse to leave (The Guardian)

Flanagan, Richard (2017) Australia built a hell for refugees on Manus. The shame will outlive us all (The Guardian)

Fox, Liam (2017) Manus Island detention centre to permanently close today, 600 men refusing to leave (ABC News)

Fox, Liam & Yaxley, Louise (2017) Manus Island: Papua New Guinea army prepares to enter detention centre, 600 men still inside (ABC News)

Kisselpar, Joy (2017) PNG authorities investigate allegations soldiers shot at Manus Island detainees (ABC News)

Koziol, Michael & Massola, James (2017) Manus refugees given ultimatum as Turnbull government comes under pressure (The Age)

Spinks, Harriett (2017) What next for the refugees and failed asylum seekers on Manus Island? (Parliament of Australia)

The Straits Times (2017) Refugees refuse to leave as Canberra closes PNG camp (

Younger, Emma & Florance, Loretta (2017) Commonwealth agrees to pay Manus Island detainees $70m in class action lawsuit (ABC News)

Boochani, Behrouz & Tofighan, Omid (2018) The Last Days in Manus Prison (Meanjin)

Doherty, Ben (2018) Second group of Manus Island refugees depart for US under resettlement deal (The Guardian)

Price, Steve (2018) Hell hole or island paradise? The truth behind Manus Island (2GB interview with ‘Michael Coates’, author of Manus Days: The Untold Story of Manus Island (Andrew Situ’s review here))

Blucher, Alexandra & Whiting, Natalie (2019) PNG refugee support workers ‘directed to cook the books’ to prepare for Australian audit (ABC News)

Boochani, Behrouz (2019) How many more people must die on Manus before Australia ends indefinite detention? (The Guardian)

McGowan, Michael (2019) Notorious PNG police unit deployed at Manus refugee camp as tensions rise (The Guardian)

Whiting, Natalie (2019) “Still they imprison us”: Manus Island refugees launch new legal bid (ABC AM)

Whiting, Natalie (2019) Manus Governor demands action from Australia as Behrouz Boochani says self-harm has spiked (ABC News)

History and culture of Nauru

Lister, David (1993) Fertiliser island scents musical success: First Night: Leonardo (The Independent)

McDaniel, Carl N. & Gowdy, John M. (2000) Paradise for Sale: A parable of Nauru (University of California Press)

Cloutier, Bernard (2002) Nauru in 2002 (

Mellor, William (2004) GE poised to bankrupt Nauru, island stained by money-laundering (Bloomberg, archived)

Nazzal, Mary (2005) Nauru: An environment destroyed and international law (Law and Development)

Radio New Zealand (2005) Nauru sells last remaining property asset in Melbourne – report (RNZ)

Su, Joy (2005) Nauru switches its allegiance back to Taiwan from China (Taipei Times)

Dame, Onassis (2006) Status of Labour Market in Nauru: Issues and challenges (University of the South Pacific)

Topsfield, Jewel (2007) Nauru fears gap when camps close (The Age)

Hitt, Jack (2003) The Middle of Nowhere: No island is an island (This American Life)

Squires, Nick (2008) Nauru seeks to regain lost fortunes (BBC)

Gowan, Richard (2009) Nauru: Cut the crap! (Global Dashboard)

Harding, Luke (2009) Tiny Nauru struts world stage by recognising breakaway republics (The Guardian)

Skewes, Kelvin (2013) Nauru: What was taken and what was given (zine)

Thomas, Tony (2013) The naughty nation of Nauru (Quadrant)

Doherty, Ben (2016) A short history of Nauru, Australia’s dumping ground for refugees (The Guardian)

McAdam, Jane (2016) How the entire nation of Nauru almost moved to Queensland (The Conversation)

Clarke, Melissa (2018) Justice in Nauru curtailed as Government abolishes appeal system (ABC News)

Gans, Jeremy (2018) Court may lose Nauru appellate role (University of Melbourne)

Watanabe, Anna (2018) Nauru: From economic goldmine to refugee ‘hell’ (Kyodo News)

World Travel Guide (n.d.) Nauru History, Language and Culture (

Detention on Nauru

Dobell, Graeme (2001) Nauru: Holiday camp or asylum hell? (ABC radio PM)

Bartlett, Adnrew (2003) Government-sponsored child abuse at the Nauru detention centres (ON LINE Opinion: Australia’s e-journal of social and political debate)

Gordon, Michael (2005) Nauru’s last two asylum seekers feel the pain (The Age)

ABC News (2007) Nauru detention centre costs $2m per month (ABC)

Amnesty International (2012) Nauru Camp a human rights catastrophe with no end in sight (

Grubel, James (2012) Australia reopens asylum detention in Nauru tent city (Reuters)

New Matilda (2012) Nauru’s ‘Explosive Situation’ (

Waters, Jeff (2012) Amnesty International slams Nauru facility (ABC Lateline)

Fran, Jan (2013) Nauru: Behind the scenes of a TV report (SBS News)

Hall, Bianca & Flitton, Daniel (2013) Policeman ‘held hostage’ as rioting breaks out on Nauru (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Jones, Gemma (2013) Dozens charged after Nauru detention centre riot (

Mara, Darren (2013) Lawyer slams slow Nauru asylum process (SBS)

New Matilda (2013) Does Nauru owe Australia anything? (

Rabl, Jack (2013) Case worker speaks out about conditions on Nauru (ABC Radio National)

ABC News (2014) Nauru media visa fee hike ‘to cover up harsh conditions at Australian tax-payer funded detention centre’ (ABC)

Isaacs, Mark (2014, 2017) The Undesirables: Inside Nauru (Hardie Grant Books)

Allard, Tom (2015) Nauru’s move to open its detention centre makes it ‘more dangerous’ for asylum seekers (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Aston, Heath (2015) Rapes, sexual assault, drugs for favours in Australia’s detention centre on Nauru: independent Moss review (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Australian Government Department of Home Affairs (2015) Nauru Regional Processing Centre(

Cavill, Amanda (2015) Report condemns Nauru detention centre conditions (SBS News)

Davidson, Helen & Doherty, Ben (2016) Second refugee at Australian detention centre in Nauru sets herself on fire (The Guardian)

Evershed, Nick; Liu, Ri; Farrell, Paul and Davidson, Helen (2016) The Nauru files: the lives of asylum seekers in detention detailed in a unique database (The Guardian)

Farrell, Paul; Evershed, Nick and Davidson, Helen (2016) The Nauru files: cache of 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention (The Guardian)

Isaacs, Mark (2016) Nauru Burning: An uprising and its aftermath (Editia)

Neistat, Anna (2016) ‘It’s better to die from one bullet than being killed slowly every day’: refugees forsaken on Nauru (Amnesty International)

Schipp, Debbie (2016) Inside Nauru: ‘You make a nice prison, it’s still a prison’ (

Burnside, Julian (2017) Nauru: How it is (

Agence France-Presse (2018) Life for asylum seekers in Australia’s ‘Pacific Gulag’ on Nauru (South China Morning Post)

Harrison, Virginia (2018) Nauru refugees: The island where children have given up on life (BBC News)

Wahlquist, Calla (2018) Fears for asylum seekers as Nauru moves to cut ties to Australia’s high court (The Guardian)

Starecheski, Laura (producer) (2019) Five years on Nauru (Reveal)

Christmas and Tiwi Islands

Gribbin, Caitlyn (2013) Christmas Island economy would collapse without asylum seekers (ABC PM)

Australian Bureau of Statistics (2015) Christmas Island (ABS)

Bardon, Jane (2017) Tiwi Plantations Corporation denies it is on verge of collapse and unable to pay debts (ABC)

Theodora (2019) Christmas Island Economy (CIA World Factbook)

Australian history, politics and Indigenous issues

Denton, Andrew (2004) Amanda Vanstone (Enough Rope)

Open Australia (2006-current) Philipp Ruddock, Amanda Vanstone, Kevin Andrews, Chris Evans,Chris Bowen, Tony Burke, Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton, David Coleman (

Grasswill, Helen (producer) (2007) The Gatekeeper (Australian Story)

Hunt, David (2013) Girt: The Unauthorised History of Australia(Black Inc.)

Pascoe, Bruce (2014, 2019) Dark Emu (Bolinda Publishing)

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Broinowski, Anna (2017) Please Explain: The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Pauline Hanson (Viking)

Burnside, Julian (2018) Peter Dutton (

Burnside, Julian (2018) Scott Morrison: Practising hypocrite (

Langton, Marcia (2018) Welcome to Country: A travel guide to Indigenous Australia (Hardie Grant)

Safran, John (2018) Depends What You Mean By Extremist: Going Rogue with Australian Deplorables (Hamish Hamilton)

Korff, Jens (n.d.) Start exploring Australian Aboriginal culture (Creative Spirits)

Asylum seeker, refugee and immigrant experiences in general (including overseas)

Tyler, Heather (2003) Asylum: Voices from Behind the Razor Wire (Lothian Books)

The Age (2004) Aladdin Sisalem released from Manus Island (

Briskman, Linda; Latham, Susie & Goddard, Chris (2008) Human Rights Overboard: Seeking Asylum in Australia (Scribe)

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Winsor, Morgan (2015) New visa requirements for Syrians entering Lebanon, amid worldwide refugee crisis (International Business Times)

Clarke, Maxine Beneba (2016) Foreign Soil (Hachette)

Doherty, Ben (2016) Hamid Kehazaei’s last days – a timeline (The Guardian)

Doherty, Ben (2016) Hamid Kehazaei inquest: asylum seeker needed urgent transfer, medical staff agreed (The Guardian)

Maley, William (2016) What is a Refugee? (C Hurst & Co)

The Moscow Times (2016) Syrian refugee family trapped in Moscow airport granted asylum (

Boykoff, Pamela (2017) ‘They don’t care’: Refugees shocked by leaked Trump-Turnbull call (CNN)

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Wikipedia (2019) Immigration detention in the United Kingdom (

Wikipedia (2019) Immigration detention in the United States (

Young, Evan (2019) Refugee flown from Manus Island to Switzerland to accept major human rights award (SBS News)

Zable, Arnold (2019) ‘We are part of Australian history’: Behrouz Boochani, voice of exile (The Age)

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