A Life of Loving Language

Language is important. ‘Words are but the signs of ideas,’ wrote the lexicographer Samuel Johnson.

I have always loved words. I remember my father teaching me to type when I was four or five because my pencil couldn’t keep up with my thoughts. (In fact, the computer I used now forms the header for this website!)

My love of languages led me to learn another language and move overseas. To study linguistics and become a researcher of language learning and use. And ultimately, to travel the world and fulfill my longest-held dream of writing.

I’ve considered myself a writer for as long as I can remember.

In my first year at school, our class made a quilt. We were supposed to make a fabric representation of ourselves in our future careers.

Naturally, I wanted to depict myself as an author. But the lady helping us said the books I’d drawn were too intricate to sew. (As is typical of me even now, I’d put far more detail and thought into the books than my own appearance!) So, she had me change the design to a Target worker.

As it turns out, I have never worked at Target! And, although I published many books and articles in my career as a linguist, I am yet to publish a work of fiction.

That will change soon.

I believe that words can change the world. That humor can help us to engage with topics we might otherwise prefer to forget about.

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